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Monday, November 30, 1998

November 30, 1998

THE LOT OF ACTORS: Three people die and find themselves lined up at Heaven's Gate confronted by St. Peter.

"Before you enter, I have one question for each of you," St. Peter says. And he asks the first person in line, "How much money did you make last year?"

"About $400,000," the person says.

"Oh, a doctor," St. Peter says. "Please enter through that door there." St. Peter approaches the next person in line. "How much did you make last year?" he asks.

"About $250,000, give or take a little," the person replies.

"Oh, a lawyer," St. Peter says. "That door right there." Then St. Peter turns to the third person. "And how much did you make last year?"

"$5,164," the person answers.

And St. Peter says, "Have I seen you in anything?"

-- the favorite joke of Colleen Dewhurst

Glorious weather! How hard to believe it's the end of November, especially when the temperatures have pushed up into the 60s each day of the past week. I've spent three leisurely afternoons lounging on the back deck, watching the breeze blowing the leaves around (must rake!) and trying to teach myself Perl.

The latter has been an interesting exploration. HTML coding aside, I haven't done anything remotely resembling programming in quite a few years; I mean, dammit Jim, I'm a writer, not a programmer. Turns out, though, UNIX is like riding a bicycle and writing server scripts in Perl looks to be a dern sight less challenging than in C. I can do without a strenuous mental challenge right now.

The eventual goal is to write an online registration hack for COCA Online. Prayers and wishes of luck gratefully accepted.

More reflections on turning thirty:

In other words, thirty is merely one's 10,957th consecutive failure to eat a truly balanced breakfast. [The Finger]

Weblog fun: I continue to discover and enjoy fellow "pre-surfers" through various links and kismet. Flutterby! has been around a while, and is proving an enjoyable mine for interesting reading, including...

Bowers v. Hardwick redux: There is some speculation that the overturning of Georgia's antique "sodomy law" may not stick. [CNN]

Yay! Let's go to the Belt-Sander Races!

A nice website dedicated to the art of Maxfield Parrish.

Weblog fun too: More to explore, including peterme, jjg and Hack the Planet. (The trio is pretty tech-edged, but fun for the layman too.)

Funny Papers: Flutterby! also reminded me that it's been a month or so since I caught up with the folks at User Friendly, a more-Dilbert-than-Dilbert comic set at a small ISP. Recommended daily laffs.

CriticWatch: At least one critic in St. Louis has seen the Dr. Death 60 Minutes segment the rest of the area was denied access to. Rich Byrne sorts out his thoughts. [The Riverfront Times]

Meanwhile, critics across the country are weighing in on the show's decision to run the segment in the first place. [TV Rundown]

My $0.02: I would have liked to have seen the 60 Minutes piece in its entirety. I support the right to choose when one will end one's own life when suffering hopelessly. Kevorkian gives me the creeps. The whole affair is sullied by the fact it took place during the November "sweeps."

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