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Wednesday, March 24, 1999

…not quite ready to write about it…

RATING THE GODS: The Brunching Shuttlecocks take on Olympus!
Zeus became the head god by dint of not being eaten by his father. Consider that a sort of eighth habit of highly effective people: very few of those in positions of power and authority were devoured at birth.
VOTE!! Jorn Barger, possible progenator of the weblog movement, is among builder.com's nominees for folks who revolutionized the web in 1998. Head on over and give his numbers a boost. (There's probably a shiny plaque or somesuch hanging in the balance, along with much deserved recognition.) You can add a short narrative explaining your vote, if you like. I said:
Jorn more or less created weblogging and then defined it by his excellent example. His Robot Wisdom Weblog is a glimpse of the future of web publishing, a personal, edited-with-an-attitude "portal" that separates the webwheat from the webchaff and, thankfully, posts the wheat.
WHERE HAVE I BEEN, YOU MAY ASK? Um...I'm not quite ready to write about it here. I will. I promise.
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