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Friday, May 23, 2008

Birth of blog

It's been ten years, more or less, since Peter Merholz published a little squib in the sidebar of his Petermemes personal website and made a permanent dent in the worldwide lexicon.

Although the post was undated, I first noted its appearance here on May 23, 1999, earning me a citation alongside Peter in the Oxford English Dictionary entry tracing the lineage of the word "blog". Just three months later, on August 23, 1999, a San Francisco start-up called Pyra Labs launched Blogger, a public version of their internal weblogging tool (at one time billed as "Amphetamines For Your Website"), and...well, you probably know the rest.

Ah well. Happy birthday, you awkward, uneuphonious little word. I'm chuffed to say I knew you when you were but a wee blog.
Posted by Brad on May 23, 2008 at 10:11 AM | (2) |
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Jorn Barger coined the term though, didn't he? And does it make a difference that the Peterme pronunciation was not adopted?

Cool that you get an OED cite, though.

Comment by Bill Altreuter  on  May 24, 2008  at  2:47 PM

Brad's avatar Jorn is generally credited with the term "weblog", to mean a regularly updated list of discovered links, somewhat earlier. Peter gets props for the waggish pronunciation and the truncation, which stuck.

Comment by Brad  on  May 24, 2008  at  4:32 PM

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