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Sunday, October 3, 1999

15 minutes

WELCOME SCRIPTING NEWS READERS: Today, Dave Winer linked to my May 1999 essay on the raison d'etre behind The BradLands and the state of the Weblog Nation (tip o' the hat to JJG for that term), a little rant called Why I Weblog. If you're visiting The BradLands for the first time today, please make yourself at home, explore the archives and enjoy our hospitality.

OK, EVERYBODY, ONE MORE TIME: In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. And some people will try to squeeze out 5 or 10 more, using a wonderful invention called the worldwide web.

PC-CENTRISM. UGH!: So, the day after I install a new hard drive in my Mac-compatible, I get wind of a recall of Western Digital drives within a specific lot. They've made a diagnostic utility available to test if your internal drive is at risk, and the PC version is easy enough to find, linked from their website. Danged if I could see an option for Mac folks. Fortunately, MacWeek/MacCentral ferreted it out. (I'm safe. Whew!)
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