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Sunday, February 24, 2002

February 24, 2002

THE PLAY'S THE THING (ON DVD): For one reason and another, I've been brushing up on my Eugene O'Neill, which is why I'm glad several telefilms of stage productions of his plays are available as part of the Broadway Theatre Archive series. I sense a splurging in my future, with titles including:
THAT'S ALL, FOLKS...: User Friendly has a fond tribute to animator Chuck Jones, who passed away Friday at age 89.

Nick Taylor: "University of Waterloo Physical Activity Complex (PAC) Official Weight Room Rules & Regulations, Revision 0.1, 23-2-2002"

MORE THAN THE MOUSE: Theme Park Insider, "a truly independent source of coverage, opinion and information about theme parks, from the people who work at and attend them."

IS IT OVER YET? I am deeply disappointed that none of Adam Felber's Predictions for Salt Lake '02 have come to pass. A sample: "In a desperate attempt to raise viewership, NBC will circulate bogus 'terrorist threats' against curling, bobsledding, and cross-country skiing. Even the curlers themselves will be disappointed when nothing blows up and they have to play out the match."
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