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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Everybody wants to be Sondheim

HOT HONEY: In keeping with my plans to be more spontaneous this year, I'm headed to the fabulous Fox Theatre this evening for the opening night of Fosse. The company has been doing brush-ups at COCA today and we're doing a live shot from here for the morning chat show on Channel 2 for them. So, in gratitude for the use of the studio and for dragging me out of bed at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, they offered me comps for the show. (Fosse style is infectious: since this morning, two of my staff have been floating around the office and strking jazz poses...they look like Ann Reinking balloons in a Thanksgiving Day parade.)

HEADS UP...AND COVER YOUR BACK: Fresh Air is rebroadcasting an archive interview with Stephen Sondheim tomorrow in observance of the composer and lyricist's 70th birthday. (Ever heard the song, "Everybody Wants to Be Sondheim?" It's one of my favorite cabaret "fun" numbers. Amanda McBroom has it on her Rainbow & Stars album, but I don't know if it's available anywhere else.) If you're a Sondheim fan — or if, in fact, you want to be Sondheim — you can''t go wrong with activewear from Sondheim.com. Sweeney shirts for a good cause. Click now...operators are standing by.

Here concludes the gratuitous Mark Bakalor linking for the day. (In addition to being the man behind sondheim.com and fosse.com, he's also got a great personal website. And he's cute.)

BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BE-GOOGLED: For some odd reason, I never checked out this domain until today. You'd think it would have been the first one I ever plugged into a browser.

END OF THE LINE: The guys from y2kwhistlestop have filed their last missive from the presidential primary trail. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted. The way-too-early resolution of the primary race would be kind of funny if it weren't all so sad.
March 21, 2000 at 4:19 PM |
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