Breaking Bread
The Balcony at Iron Cactus
What's 6'6" and bluish-orange?
PB and WMF
All hail Jish, Savior of Our Seats
Lance Arthur, Master of Understated Elegance
Hey, Macarena!!
Blink, damn you! BLINK!
Lounging at Lovejoy's

Dignity. Always dignity.
Ms. B, Miss M and Halcyon
At Courtney & Lane's House
Objects next to Ryan...

The Halcyon Experience
It's a beautiful page...
Take off every zig!
My audience with Abdul
Fray Cafe
Meeting the Monkey
Sixfoot6 and Kinsey6
Into the Fray
Praying to the Pumpkin
Ow! Oh! Do it again!
Touched by a monkey
On the way to Katz's Deli
Moist men in a mirror

Your ride is here, Mr. Graham!
Dinner at Stubb's
Later, at the bar...
No, ma'am, he doesn't have ID
Hot monkey love
Monkey business
Monkey in his natural habitat
Dan, Dan, the billiard man
Trouble with a capital "P"
He's even better at air hockey
For love of the game...
Blame Canada.
Last call at Stubb's
Next time on Crossfire...
Yeah, he looks innocent, but
...and then the police showed up.

The Adaptive Path Party
Up on the roof
Sweet as syrup...
And then we called Firda

Matt goes clicks-and-mortar
Bart's Axe
Bart's Other Axe
Rock & Sex & Drugs & Roll
Austin Civic Opera guitar
Yes, those are real nails...
An uncommon mirror shot
Kilroy was here
Hot, rotating, vertical pork

Comments or questions about this scrapbook? Do you have your own gallery of SXSW memories on the web you'd like to share? Interested in going next year? Drop me a line!

Michael & Ari Brown
Dan Budiac
Nick Finck
Matthew Haughey
Alison Headley
Ritchie Macapinlac
James McNally
Jish Mukerji
Stef Noble
Nikolai Nolan
Julie O'Neill
Cheri Painter
Halcyon Styn
Mike & Dineen Wasylik

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Check out these other Scrapbooks in The BradLands, including photos and memories from SXSW 2000.

SXSW 2001Forward

Sometimes, just getting out of town is a huge ordeal.

The list of details I had to attend before I left St. Louis for SXSW was long and growing longer, even as my departure time neared. Trying to schedule a week away just a few days before opening our final (and biggest) show of the season was madness. What was I thinking?

In the end, I delegated everything and bummed a ride to the airport.

I needed this. My experience at the previous year's conference had been a remarkably re-energizing one, and my creative batteries were getting low.

(Batteries! Did I remember the batteries for my camera?!)

I arrived at Lambert with about an hour to kill (and, yes, with the batteries), which was fortunate because I had to join a long line of spring break revelers to check in for my flight. I made it to the gate in time to sit for minute and gather my wits.

A long shadow crossed my carry-on. "Are you Brad?" the shadow asked.

I looked up at the shadow's source, the ever-so-tall Aaron Coleman, making his connection bound for Austin, same flight as me. We chatted briefly, boarded and my stress just fell away.

Well, "fell" might be a bit of an overstatement. I forced the stress of with a couple of Bloody Marys. By wheels-down in Texas, I was ready for the week. I claimed my car, found the garage with more alacrity than last year and tooled into the city. It was about 5:30 p.m.

I had about an hour and a half to grab my conference credentials, find my hotel, check in, wash my face, find the restaurant and join 40 or 50 of my friends for a dinner I had organized.

In an hour and a half.

From the backseat of my rented economy car, I swear I heard my stress snickering.

Note that, according to the SXSW badge, my name is "Brad I. Graham". When I filled out the registration, I used my middle initial "L" but apparently, their software wasn't expecting anything uppercase just there. The iGraham, coming this fall from Apple Computer.

SXSW 2001Forward

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