Breaking Bread
The Balcony at Iron Cactus
What's 6'6" and bluish-orange?
PB and WMF
All hail Jish, Savior of Our Seats
Lance Arthur, Master of Understated Elegance
Hey, Macarena!!
Blink, damn you! BLINK!
Lounging at Lovejoy's

Dignity. Always dignity.
Ms. B, Miss M and Halcyon
At Courtney & Lane's House
Objects next to Ryan...

The Halcyon Experience
It's a beautiful page...
Take off every zig!
My audience with Abdul
Fray Cafe
Meeting the Monkey
Sixfoot6 and Kinsey6
Into the Fray
Praying to the Pumpkin
Ow! Oh! Do it again!
Touched by a monkey
On the way to Katz's Deli
Moist men in a mirror

Your ride is here, Mr. Graham!
Dinner at Stubb's
Later, at the bar...
No, ma'am, he doesn't have ID
Hot monkey love
Monkey business
Monkey in his natural habitat
Dan, Dan, the billiard man
Trouble with a capital "P"
He's even better at air hockey
For love of the game...
Blame Canada.
Last call at Stubb's
Next time on Crossfire...
Yeah, he looks innocent, but
...and then the police showed up.

The Adaptive Path Party
Up on the roof
Sweet as syrup...
And then we called Firda

Matt goes clicks-and-mortar
Bart's Axe
Bart's Other Axe
Rock & Sex & Drugs & Roll
Austin Civic Opera guitar
Yes, those are real nails...
An uncommon mirror shot
Kilroy was here
Hot, rotating, vertical pork

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Nick Finck
Matthew Haughey
Alison Headley
Ritchie Macapinlac
James McNally
Jish Mukerji
Stef Noble
Nikolai Nolan
Julie O'Neill
Cheri Painter
Halcyon Styn
Mike & Dineen Wasylik

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As soon as we got seated, everyone headed for the men's room to try to dry off while I stayed at the table to keep an eye on the collection of waterlogged cameras, PDAs and other items arrayed on the table. Getting dry, at this point, meant a relative non-moistness since, as I mentioned, after running six blocks in what amounted to a monsoon, we were soaked through. Even after spending 15 minutes wringing out shirts and toweling vigorously, the gang returned to their seats...wet.

When it was my turn, I went to the counter and bought a dry Katz's Deli souvenir t-shirt, then headed to the men's room to wring out my light wool sweater and jeans. Even after changing into a new shirt, I still felt like a drowned chihuahua. I resigned myself to sitting through the meal with damp pants.

After the rollicking journey to get there, the meal itself was pretty unremarkable, but the conversation and fellowship couldn't be beaten. We were soon joined by Dineen and Mike Wasylik, who had left for Katz's at the same time as we and were confused when we managed to arrive, sopping wet, as they were finishing their meal. There was more laughter still. Someone decided, for a reason I've forgotten, that it would be a good idea to started a website called Many, many bad puns were made, and I think I might have kissed Mike on the lips.

Of the evening's experience, Anil would later write "Rain can make brothers of strangers." True.

We decided to take a mirror shot to commemorate the night. Mine was probably the poorest of the lot.

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