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General Information

The BradLands is the personal website of Brad L. Graham. All original content on the server at bradlands.com is copyright © 1995–2016 by Brad L. Graham. All rights reserved. Other material, including matter residing on sites linked from The BradLands, is the property of its respective owners.


The BradLands is hosted by Pair Networks, and I couldn't be more pleased. If you are in the market for affordable hobbyist or business hosting, excellent support and a ton of features, I commend them to you. Domain names are registered through PairNic, from the same friendly folks.

Equipment & Software

This website was made exclusively with Apple Macintosh computers. I have used Apple computers since 1979, and varieties of Macintosh since I purchased an original Mac in 1984. I believe that Macintosh is not only "the computer for the rest of us," it is also a computer that brings out the best in us.

The BradLands is mostly managed with the help of Expression Engine, a contet management system and weblogging tool that is flexible and, once you climb the rather steep learning curve, a delight to use. This is the third website I've built using EE.

Other software used in the construction of this site includes BBEdit from Bare Bones Software, Adobe Photoshop and a variety of free software from Apple Computer.

Typefaces by Font Diner. Furs by Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills. Mr. Graham's suits by Botany 500.

Site History

You are now reading The BradLands version 6.0.

The version numbers are, of course, bullshit, although they essentially correspond to this rough timeline...

Version 1.0: The BradLands is born as a personal website in June 1995, a rainbow-sodden travesty of a design of which I am suitably ashamed. It is hosted on America Online, each file tenderly uploaded through AOL's clunky FTP software.

Version 2.0: No more rainbows. The BradLands evolves into a personal site slash ersatz guide to St. Louis in January 1997. It is hosted first by Fastrans Logistics (no longer in the hosting business), and later by STLnet (no longer in the hosting business).

Version 3.0: In 1998, I purchased my very first domain name and moved this site (which had not been updated in more than a year) to Brick Network. The weblog (now Must See HTTP) was born.

Version 4.0: Launched on June 1, 2001. Managed, more or less, with Userland Frontier.

Version 5.0: Launched late 2004, and continuing to evolve. Managed with Movable Type, mostly because it's a cool tool, but also to get Anil and Jason off my back.

Version 6.0: You're soaking in it! Launched July 2007, and growing. The goal is to finally get all the old content from versions 3, 4 and 5 stuffed into the database. The BradLands is now powered by Expression Engine and I'm learning so much!