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I was born on a Monday morning, November 25, 1968, in a hospital that doesn't exist any longer in Hannibal, Missouri. A few days later, I decided to move in with my parents, who lived in the nearby town of New London.

Today, I live in the historic Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis where I share a three-story 1910 house with my friend Ken, four TiVos, at least five Macintosh computers, and an embarrassingly large collection of DVDs and CDs (largely show tunes and torch singers).

After an extremely eclectic professional life that has included stints as a journalist, technical writer, arts administrator and actor/director, I am now the publicist for The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.

My hobbies include this very website and a newfound interest in video editing, something for which I demonstrated absolutely no talent in college but have recently taken up again.

I enjoy traveling and have visited 48 of the United States, been all across Canada and hit a few bits of Europe. Still, I've yet to discover any place other than St. Louis that I'd rather live.

I am also fond of reading (mostly non-fiction and that much-maligned form, the literary memoir), dining out with good friends, and all sorts of theatre.

I am a Sister of South Euclid, an alumnus of and instructor at Webster University, and the owner of a Saturn.

I would like to dedicate this website to Matt Damon, my loving husband of five years. Unfortunately, I can't.

Photo by Jessica Reynolds